World of Warships – Armada: Perth

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An Australian hunter quiet of British origin.

A cruiser for adventurous and naval cool head champions.

A ship for those who can make quick decisions while strictly follow the battle strategy.

Born in Albion, he incorporated all the best qualities of his brothers in arms, including a resolute temperament and a nature reserve.

Keep the distance? A true warrior would do that ?! Our hunting is not afraid to scratch.

At the same time, it does not come into frontal attack.

The Perth prefers "diplomatic negotiations" within walking distance, using perforating projectiles and explosives, and torpedoes.

Yes, you heard right: this Australian ship has PE projectiles, unlike other British cruisers it can not just "bake" the enemy citadels, but also "bake" their superstructures.

And the silverware would be his eight 152 mm guns.

For the Level VI, the Perth maintains a great rate of fire.

However, this comes at a price: your range of shots is not high, which proves again that our hero should be on the front line every battle.

The cruiser service is to lead your squad and fight for key areas against the destroyers enemies.

I bet none of them will be happy to see Perth.

Speaking of destroyers, the Australian cruiser has much in common with them.

The first thing that comes to mind is the powerful torpedo armament.

There are four torpedoes on each side, and they have good range.

In addition, Perth has a typical British feature: it can launch torpedoes one by one, leaving the enemy no chance to escape.

It is an exceptional weapon for immediate destruction.

The second feature that makes the Perth to be similar to the destroyers is his smokescreen.

Of course, after Mikhail Kutuzov and the British branch, a smoke generator on board a cruiser is not surprising.

But Perth has its own way of using this consumable.

The smokescreen is active for only 10 seconds, but extends the time of 90 seconds.

No need to get the Perth property in smoke, waiting a salvo of torpedoes.

Being a British ship, he feels at home in the smoke.

As a shadow warrior, Perth can move quietly, sneak up on enemies, and crush them with fiery attacks.

But do not forget that our hero is a lightweight fighter.

He mainly relies on accurate shots and quick maneuvers, not thick armor, which again makes it similar to the destroyers.

You can pay dearly for a mistake.

Even with an on-board repair service, will not compensate for the great loss of HP.

However, the great blind and rudder rotation time makes Perth a difficult target.

It is small and dangerous, like a poisoned dagger, which can also be pointed to the commander of skills and ship upgrades.

On the 1st row of the commander skills, we recommend choosing the Basic Survival capacity.

As the Australian ship is not very effective against aircraft, Shooting Basic training will save the situation.

In the 2nd row, the choice between specialist and Mira Specialty in Torpedoes Armaments depend only the preferences of your playing style.

Last Effort and Fire Prevention may also be useful in different situations.

Remember it if one skill point become disorganized.

In the 3rd row, the Superintendent is the best choice.

The best part of our battle tactics is based on good use of smoke and hydroacoustic, then an additional charge of consumables is invaluable.

In the 4th row – in the absence of AA guns – Survival in Perito is the best.

In the 5th – Specialist Concealment.

The last thing to remember about skills is that, despite its origin, Perth belongs to the Australian Navy.

So it can not be used to train British cruisers commanders.

Speaking of updates, the best strategy is to improve the artillery and maneuverability.

In the first and second wave, the Main Armament and Mira systems are recommended.

In the fourth – the Direction box.

And finally, to strengthen the set, choose the Damage Control System.

As a result, we have a light cruiser of the first line, and one of the best fighters to the main areas among its races, a cunning hunter destroyers, and a real poison for ships of other types.

First, low survival combined with aggressive gameplay may seem like a bad joke.

But be careful when planning and using consumables will Perth a great choice for brave, ambitious and challenging players.

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