The Fight To Ban Black Roofing

perth home with black roof

Why Black Roofing Is On The Hit List

Dark roofs may be a popular roofing solution, however do they contribute to increased heating within a suburb?  Interestingly, some Perth developers have now banned dark roof colours in many of their developments sighting the Urban heat island effect.  One angry grandmother has decided to champion the cause by calling upon the State Government to make legislative changes to assist with the problem.

The State Government Environmental Protection Agency has forecast that heat wave related deaths in Perth will double by 2050. Continue reading

Perth Roof Collapse

perth roof damage

WATERLOGGING of the Perth Children’s Hospital, already plagued by asbestos contamination, has caused part of the building’s ceiling to collapse.

A source involved in the project told PerthNow that two sections of the ceiling collapsed after becoming waterlogged from recent heavy rainfall in the past week.

The material crashed from the top floor, with the source saying that if anyone had been underneath the falling panels that “they would have been killed”.

Photographs received by PerthNow this afternoon show signs of rubble on the ground floor, resulting from the ceiling sections collapsing.

The source said the ceiling sheeting could not cope with the weight of water that had seeped into the panels.

The source also said it was feasible that the structural integrity of the sheeting had been “compromised” due to asbestos remediation work carried out on the atrium panels.

Emergency meetings were apparently being held late this afternoon to try to resolve the latest crisis which has hit the PCH building site.

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How Maintenance Equals Prevention

cleaning gutters

Gutter Maintenance Equals Prevention

Rain gutter maintenance is one of the most important home maintenance jobs to perform on the outside of your property. Neglecting gutter maintenance might result in damage and costly repairs of the soffit, fascia, house wall (exterior and interior), roof decking surfaces, and other structures surrounding your property.

Rain gutters have to be cleaned more regularly if there are trees surrounding your home or in neighboring yards. During the autumn, when those trees begin shedding their leaves, you may need to have the gutters cleaned several times.

Make sure to perform your closing gutter and downspout maintenance / check-up by the end of the autumn, when all tree leaves have evaporated. Assess your downspouts – the most effective way to figure out how your gutters are performing is to always go outside during the rain. Continue reading